1. Meet Izaac and his awesome parents, Matt and Natalie (and doggy Pierre). This beautiful family has so much love and laughter that it was a delight to capture them. Even though we picked, THE HOTTEST day to photo they were not even fussed! Izaac even showed us his gymnastics moves by doing a little tumble! (if you want to hear the full story of Izaac’s launched career as a gymnast, ask Matt) ;) This family has continued to bless us with generosity and friendship since we first arrived in Adelaide. When we had Iggy, Natalie organized all our meals to arrive for a week and they were one of the first families to come visit us while we were recovering!  They just are a delight! Their little Izaac is a miracle gift from God and he has an amazing life ahead of him! Enjoy his smiles and his super dooper cuteness! Love you guys! -C

  2. Now that Jobe is almost six months old, here are the photos from his newborn shoot when he was a fresh, hot month old! It’s incredible to see this little guy grow up. He is always smiling and he his happy just like his mommy!

  3. Bec is one of my beautiful friends that I had the honor of being pregnant alongside! Now her son and mine get to be buddies! In fact, Jobe was born at home, just like Iggy was, and they were born on the same mat. Almost a month later, of course. Here is Bec in her pregnant glory with her beautiful glow!

  4. I’m getting the dust off my keyboard to post some of the photos I captured during my first South Australia Winter. It was a long one with lots of rain and cold to the bone days. Lucky I have a little baby bundle keeping me warm. Alice, my beautiful French housemate, and now friend, and I have been on many fun adventures this winter. I am so thankful to have her around for tea times, fun laughs, text messages from one side of the house to the other, random trips out, scaring each other in the hallway, sun baking and for fuzzy mornings where we wander around each other in the kitchen while we both try to wake up. Alice has such a kind, deep, gentle and warm spirit. She is a blessing to our life. Enjoy seeing her wander the forest! 

  5. Meet Catherine, Mark and Sienna! One of my pregnant buddies from Edge here in Adelaide. Catherine is 6 weeks ahead of my due date so I imagine our babies will be play buddies! We had a great time exploring the botanic gardens, except for the pregnant lady huffing and puffing, a one year old in white tights plus a muddy marsh , and the time that I slipped a fell down the side of the hill! It deterred us none, and it was so cool to see how this family really operates as a team and how much joy they have! It was great spending the afternoon with you guys! I look forward to doing it again soon, minus the fall! =) Enjoy your preview.

  6. Meet Nate, Rachel and Holly! They are one of our favorite families/friends that we have met here in Adelaide. Holly just turned one year old and she has a little sibling on the way to celebrate! The first time Luis and I hung out with this family we went to their house which is near the beach, plus they come here as a family every morning for a walk, so it was only fitting that we came here to capture them as a family.  It was so fitting, because just like the beach is a laid back place that makes you forget all your worries and cares, this family has the exact same effect on Luis and I!

    It has been a delight getting to know you Ross family. We love learning about your Kiwi roots, your love for God and others, and the beauty you have as a family! We look forward to the adventures we will have with you in the future! (aka desert walks) We love you guys and little Hollywood too! xo

  7. Fyona is a lovely friend of mine from Wollongong. She is one of the most inspirational ladies I know (with amazing fire-ey red hair that shows the passion of her heart). We always seem to spend a whole night talking away about God, life, dreams and creative stuff. She is always doing photo shoots for Lighthouse Church and we decided for once that she needed to be in the photo shoot. So when I was in Wollongong we visited the fair and even though it was a dreary day, I think the ladies had a good time. I know that I did. Thank you for loving me Fy! You and the ladies from your lifegroup are just gems!

  8. Kya with her mommy and daddy! Love you guys!

  9. Guess who picked out this outfit?

    After my month of travels I am back to the blog-o-sphere only to share photos of my favorite little Kya. If you have been following me, you might remember the photos of my sister when she was pregnant. Well Kya (pronounced Ki-Ya) is officially here, and time has gone so quickly(she is almost 3 months in these photos and they were taken last month.)

    In other news I have officially moved to Adelaide Australia. Woo-hoo! If you don’t personally know me, this is because my hubby, Luis got a job here. He started about 5 months ago…We spent 4 months in different countries. BLRGH! (So glad THAT is over!). It’s the little things in an International marriage that make it so different from most, like the whole visa/citizenship thing. (If you haven’t heard our amazing God story about that, please ask! We were totally blessed off our faces.)

    On to other things. I will be based out of Adelaide now, so if you are wanting some family photos, feel free to book a long holiday! =) (It’s January and it is summer. Like, really hot, stinking hot summer. We can go to the beach!) Also if you want to see my recent adventures you can check my photos out on Instagram. I am @theflourish…

     My mom and dad (aka Grandma and Grandpa) got to watch Kya overnight for the first time when these photos were taken. It was my last hang out with Kya so it was special, so special that before we took the photos (she was still completely dressed) she totally blew thru her pants and pooped all on me. (I wondered why it felt so warm.) Maybe this is why she didn’t cry one peep while we did the photos, she was happy as a butterfly, a poopy butterfly!

    I actually think Grandma had the most fun. But can you blame her? And what can I say I am that kind of aunt who carries prints of these photos in my purse so I can show them to complete strangers, as you might imagine! Enough talking, on to KYA!!!

  10. What a cute family they are! Keri is one of my pilates students from Duncan Aviation as Gary works there. She is a nurse here in Lincoln. I think they have the most expressive little boy, and now we are friends. August, thanks for being a hoot!

    Enjoy this sweet and precious family.

  11. It’s baby time ya’ll! My lovely friends are having babies left, right and center. Lucky me I get to be Auntie and I LOVE IT!

    Meet Emmaus Joe. Brett and Natalie’s beautiful baby boy. He is a cool guy. 

  12. The first reason this shoot was particularly special to me was that I was asked by my friends to do a photo shoot for them. It’s not often that my friend’s hire me to do their photos,(I think maybe they might feel a little strange asking me for my work to enter into our friendship, or maybe they don’t care for my work…), but it was even more special because these friends are Satoshi and Tomoko. The other reason was that we were able to integrate it into a trip back to my parent’s house. It was Satoshi and Tomoko’s first time to small town Nebraska and I was so exited to share this first experience with them. The whole weekend literally felt magical, and as Tomoko put it, like a really good dream.

    These two have shared so much life and laughter with me over the short 5 months we have known each other. I have learned much about Japanese culture and hopefully I haven’t ruined their English vocabulary with my made up words. But best of all, I have learned a lot about friendship.

    These two have been married for a year and are here for 3 1/2 years while Satoshi works at Kawasaki. Tomoko is a physical therapist back in Japan and is currently recieving her yoga teacher training. Tomoko and I met after she started coming to my yoga sculpt class. I am so glad that she did. These two are a precious addition to my life.They are both intelligent, intentional, interesting, hard-working, funny and SO MUCH FUN. T

    hank you for sharing your life with me Tomoko and Satoshi. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your adventure in America. I look forward to when you visit Luis and I in Austraia or when we visit you in Japan, we will have new adventures together…I lack the English (or Japanese) words to tell you the gratitude and love I have for you.